It Get’s Better

I’ve been away for a while. Mostly building on myself and learning about myself. I put this post up in the TRP sub on Reddit and thought I’d share it here so I can reflect on it as a kind of “progress pic” to compare against in 6 months time.

I wish I could go back to the me breaking up with my last pre-redpill relationship. I was so angsty like I was going through my teens all over again. Outwardly I was a master of the stoic façade, but inside I was burning up.

Even when you’re the one breaking ties with someone you allow to mean a lot to you, it ain’t easy. This we all know. Even those few form the outside stumbling on this sub know this. Breaking up a LTR relationship is rated as one of the most highly stressful things you will experience in life, right up there with getting fired or losing a loved one. Yes this is a beta as fuck way to look at it, but hang with me on this. I’m going somewhere.

Enter The Red Pill into my life, and the butthurt I tried to call anything but this. My ex would contact me and I would game the fuck out of her. The example being when she was assigned my paper for peer review and she decided to send me a photo text of this, followed by “please pay the internet bill.” My response was good, but over the top. “Why? Are you gonna play bad teacher and give me a poor grade?” (I did go through the proper avenues, alerted the unit convener and made sure extra moderation would be in effect in case she did fuck with it.)

I was hurting, and I was in the throws of digesting the pill. I began to meet women and game folks like I was on a mission. With every pump I was trying to put a nail in the coffin of that relationship and trying to hold fast on my decision. The texts would occasionally pop up “Are you sure this is what you want?”

No, but I know this is the right choice. Fuck off

“Don’t you have hard dick to ride?”

Yeah, damn straight I was butthurt. I brought the rain in any interaction post-relationship with that woman. Somehow I couldn’t accept it was just in her nature, rather being convinced she was out to get me specifically.

Then there was the attempt to be my friend. This was my first real first-hand AWALT experience. We sat and talked for maybe half an hour and she let loose about the three guys she was getting drilled by, and how one of them was starting to buy her things and trying to LTR her. She straight up confirmed the AF/BB dynamic, let loose Red Pill truths about how frustrating it is when guys don’t take the lead and other stuff. I was just starting on Red Pill theory and found myself almost smiling at this. Then she let loose about losing her job and her car breaking down. That conversation gave me a lot of Red Pill confirmation and some vindictive pleasure, like karma was biting her back for being such a bitch in our relationship.

And I sincerely thought I wasn’t butthurt, that I wasn’t going through an anger phase and that I was mastering this really quickly. This delusion set me back. Seriously, anybody reading this, take a long hard objective look at your situation and make sure this isn’t happening to you.

I didn’t allow myself to get so full of anger that I would just call women out everywhere on their bullshit, that I wouldn’t be absorbed with my anger phase and making progress. I stunted myself because I wanted to progress into amused mastery.

Then something clicked. I broke all contact with her, went pseudo-monkmode and devoted myself entirely to my lifting. I think I can attribute it mostly to #NoNothingNovember. I showed myself I can master my impulses, delay gratification and not settle for less. I went from pursuing women to pursuing fitness, writing in a blog and learning more about myself.

New Year came around and I have been focussing on a cut. If I would line a date up with a girl, I would make sure that any food consumed would fit. I have delayed dates and even cancelled with ladies who wouldn’t resched to allow for my gym schedule.

Now February has rolled around and I’m seeing the changes I hear about in most of the other posts in here. I’m still having some timidity issues, but I’m getting there. I’m more outwardly enjoying myself, commenting about people and just not giving fucks. I’m going to progress quickly from here. I can see exactly what I need to do and how to get there. The same thing happened with my snowboarding where I tried to progress too quickly and found myself trying to run before I could walk.

If I could go back and talk to myself with what I know now, I would tell me to not skip the anger phase. It’s integral to the process and will stunt you when you try to skip it. I would also stress the focus on myself. I could’ve gone harder on the lifting and made so much more progress so quickly. I’ve had a bad case of fuckarounditis since starting TRP. The last crucial piece of advice I would’ve given myself in the situation I wound up in would be to not compromise on my principles.

This last one relates specifically to several times where I wilfully stumbled. I started smoking again for a short time, had too many cheat days because of date nights, skipped workouts for virtually no reason and let my standards slip for women I would plate. Be clear in what you want and don’t settle for less. If you’re not in a position to attain what you want, figure out how to extend your reach, rather than go for that lower shelf. Every man can extend their reach significantly, and too often whinges are brought out here about race, height, ugliness for x reason. The only reason these affect you so harshly is because you let them. I’m a redhead with a receeding hairline, skew teeth and a little scarred up. Rather than complain about these limiting factors, I push myself at the gym, get sociable, and find out where my reach extends to. Since accepting the anger phase for what it was and getting comfortably into myself, I have found these things matter extremely little. Accept these facts for what they are and move on.

The honest truth is no man of any creed, minority or height has any excuse to be below a 7. You will not make 10/10, but maximising your SMV will get you into a great position for future gaming. Regardless of the truth of the statement, you as the reader have the responsibility of finding out how you can reach that 7.

The last thing I can promise is that it gets better. You’ll find that women who made you nervous at first become that easy lay when you don’t feel like trying on a weeknight and just want to bust a quick nut in the restroom of the bar.

I hope you get something out of this. It’s hard to get here, but looking back it’s really encouraging to see where I’ve come from and know what I’m capable of now. Hang in there guys. It get’s better.


The Crucible

Welcome to the crucible. We as men need something that pushes us, breaks us down and makes us a malleable organism before we can be rebuilt as a true RP man ready to meet a woman and fulfil the biological imperative. This part is achievable with manosphere blogs and Reddit’s r/TheRedPill. These realisations and sharing of opinons is the heat we need to be melted down. Men wake up and begin to get furious about the wrongdoing that’s been done in their lives.

Our main problem is that this stage is completely unstructured, and we immediately start looking to form to something. There are bits and pieces out there, but overall it takes a lot of soul searching and self discovery to build some form of structure in your life resembling a Red Pill life. Ultimately we stunt ourselves and have only some vague guidance surrounding the rebuilding process that never truly puts us back together in a mature masculine form. Some wind up spinning plates and slaughtering pussy for years, while others drop out of the game and get stuck in monk mode, developing themselves into something to be proud of, but ultimately unable to enact what Red Pill set out originally to teach us to do. Improve our sex lives.

A crucible would be a kind of “guidance system” for us while we melt, not letting us fall into eternal monk-mode or that fake alpha who talks a big game but can’t seem to get past a ONS or a short-term plate. For this very reason, I haven’t gone monk-mode and I have been very easy on picking up. I let myself get angry, I let myself plot my revenge and look at feminism for what it was. I kept myself somewhat contained, though, only making a few foolish posts on Reddit’s favourite sub and gaming the occasional woman here or there. Each time learning a little something.

I believe I’ve come out the other side, and with just a little polishing I’ll have everything right. The crucible is simply a bit of self-control. Take the time to learn, find some guidance from RP veterans and those who have used the Pill to it’s highest potential to save their marriages. Does this mean you can save yours? Possibly, but this isn’t about the application of TRP, this is about how to have your meltdown without turning into something not much better. Along that route, my advice follows.

Don’t try to absorb everything quickly

The Red Pill is a huge resource, with more being developed all the time. Build a list of questions as you go, but tackle them piece by piece. There are answers to most questions if you look, with plenty of contradictory information with grey areas that you can come back later to fill in with your own ideas. You will experience overload and increased stress in your life just by trying to absorb all the information contained. I have over a dozen books I haven’t even read yet. I’m going at a pace that suits me and I can keep on top of my information download.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t try to make it so. You’re not Charlie Sheen (and even if you are, you’ll probably have trouble.)

Read, read, read

Start in the sidebar of the Reddit sub r/TheRedPill. These are the fundamentals, from the primers to wake you up to building goals and the starting point for most of the topics you’ll need to graduate into a Red Pill life. Learn about powertalk here, the language women are typically using that disguises itself using the same words as the English language. Learn about goal setting and the Misandry bubble.

Look to the superstars

No, I don’t mean celebrities. I mean users like u/GayLubeOil and u/BluePillProfessor. People who have understood the Pill and internalised the teachings to meet their goals. They have returned triumphantly to the forum and share their understandings as comments and topics. I’m not going to speak for them, but I’ll share a snippet from each of them.


“This is a BP person. We really need flair to ID them.

OP is not describing a woman putting on an ‘act.’ This is a woman with the Dread who FINALLY realizes her husband is a man of substance who really does have options. I can hear the ladies hamster wheel squeaking from here. She is FINALLY acting submissive and I will bet she is soaking the sheets every other night.

Just because you gave up on your husband who was trying to assert some dominance, perhaps preferring your kitties to a normal relationship with a strong man, doesn’t mean that is OP’s fate. Watch and learn M’lady. Being a ballbuster, shit testing, in-charge cunt may make you happy for a short time- yougogiiiiirl!- but you will never be satisfied until you decide to follow your man, rather than stomp on him.

Yes she is frightened- and wet. Good. It’s about damn time.

OP just needs to harness the fear and assuage it lightly and she will bond to him completely.”


“We here at Red Pill have extensive experience with women dating young women. Now ask yourself: How can a flaky tinder slut, who fiddles with her phone constantly, slurps starbies and quotes rom coms be objectively be good at anything? These are the same women teaching our kids.”

There are a few of them out there worth listening to and following. They know what’s going on and occasionally drop a field report here or there. If nothing else, early on you can try and emulate them, but don’t stop the learning process.

Practice makes permanent

Whatever you do, don’t turn off your sex drive and don’t give up on women all together. Get out there, approach and get rejected. Lift, get into your hobbies and do Red Pill things. In time you will be rejecting women because they don’t live up to the standards you’re achieving in reality. No, I’m not guaranteeing you’ll be banging HB10’s and living the millionaire’s pimp lifestyle, I’m saying you’ll become confident in yourself and maybe not even need to have female validation on your doorstep every night or in your bed every morning.

Practice meeting people, go learn to public speak and do things that push you outside of your comfort zone. The more you survive these experiences, the more Red Pill – the more true alpha – you’ll be. Remember these women are only exercising their feminine prerogative, and you’re sole purpose right now is to learn about how they react. You will learn to be beyond the pussy through the Red Pill process, but until then, it’s a numbers game.

Introspect and keep a journal

This is extremely important to the process. Get and keep a journal. If you read “Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” you’ll understand. That’s his journal in which he asked questions, shared lessons and reflections, and gave us a window to view his life. The chances are that if you become sufficiently Red Pill, you will achieve something in your life, and to have a transcript of the journey you took to get there will be appreciated by you, your generations to come and (if you inspire something big) potentially thousands of readers. Introspection is intrinsically linked to this, because you need to take time out and reflect on yourself, your actions, how you’ve changed and where your weaknesses lie. Only in this way can we track our attitude change and improve ourselves without professional help.

Get healthy

If you’re obese and trying to game women, you’re not going to get very far unless you’re gaming obese women. Get to a healthy weight range and build some muscle. I’m not going to lie, it’ll take years, but if you’re not worth that commitment from yourself, who is?

A gym membership would be the most ideal option, but if you can’t make that happen, there are heaps of bodyweight exercises out there and if you’re in real trouble, you can start by raising your cardio commitment and walking up a hill. Get the blood pumping and work on those newbie gains. There are people out there who have achieved ridiculous things and share their stories for free on Youtube. Chase them for inspiration, for ideas, anything.



These are the fundamentals I’ve used to increase my success and to understand where I am in life. These things will help you contain your meltdown and keep you from climbing into the ring with feminists. Let them mud wrestle each other while you stand back and take bets. We don’t actively engage feminism once we pass from the crucible to the lead mould. Hopefully you can keep yourself from becoming trapped in perpetual butthurt or slaying pussy with a vengeance so bad people can see it’s revenge against your ex for cheating on you. Behaviours like these are not healthy, but you can cool yourself afterwards and hopefully you will see more confidence in yourself in the long term. Because that’s what gets you laid.


Everyone falls the first time

Rewatching The Matrix, I became particularly fascinated by the scene in which Neo is loaded into the training program to learn to jump buildings in classic Matrix fashion.

He’s loaded into a controlled environment where he can learn the lessons without the fatal consequences. When he falls and ejects from the program, he learns a valuable lesson.

Neo: “I thought you said it wasn’t real.”
Morpheus: “The mind makes it real…”

The mind makes it real. The mind shapes the reality, shapes your perceptions. Don’t believe me, look at an article about people vicariously experiencing pain. It’s psychology 101 to understand this.

Depending on how you look at it we don’t have a training program to fall in our asses in a billion times until we make the jump. We have to go and fail the jump for real. It’s our only option.

On the flip side, it’s so easy to get up and dust ourselves off street being thrown out of a bar, yelled at, hit, confronted by angry boyfriends and other hazards that we could consider it all just the training program. What are we training for?
I’d like to be prepared to find out. Practice as if you were chasing unicorns and your technique will be on point. Also any time you get rejected you can think “Well, she’s not a unicorn anyway. Next.”

Neo may have been given the knowledge of kung-fu, but Morpheus still schooled him the first time. You’ll do better with every attempt you make.

So stop procrastinating, get yourself under control, read a book or two and get practising. You’ll fail 100% of the attempts you don’t make.


ToBA – Our commodity

This is part of a series called “Thoughts on Being Alpha” in which I share aspects about the alpha’s journey. You feel like Alice right now, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Angry and antagonistic women become screaming children who didn’t get the toy. You may even have learned about the second language we have been bred not to be able to translate, but know of it’s existence nonetheless. The grass looks greener on this side, but waking up changes everything. Permanently.

It’s no secret that we as men are being supplanted by the government in most western societies. Our ability to earn is no good to most women because they either collect a government check to raise the kids or they get so wrapped up in their careers they’re useless to the biological imperative. If you base your worth solely on this, you have hope in most third world countries or in collectivist cultures (this post will be edited with a link to an explanation of these later.) Quality western women have outmoded this method of entering and maintaining an effective relationship.

We can still play the short game by having money, or have a medium to long term relationship with a superficial woman. Depending on your goals this can be productive, but if you’re like me you want children from your own seed one day. Children that will carry your name and succeed to pass on your name. Money will not guarantee this the way it did in the fifties and sixties. It is an alpha relic.

This is not the complete neutering that a lot of the manosphere talks about. It is still perfectly possible to gain and maintain a LTR (or even marriage if you’re so inclined.) The game isn’t over, just changed.

But without money, what do we have?
The answer is easier to comprehend than you think. Apply Occam’s Razor and look at men who inspire you to follow them. Not the men in leadership positions like CEO’s, officers in the military or others, but those who attract followers on a social standing. AMOG’s of the groups you want to emulate. This is not to say those work roles are people you want to be different. Just be wary of assuming they have everything tied up in neat little bows and get everything the way you will want it. Better to see how they do in a social setting than in the boardroom.

Leadership is our commodity. Modern women love to not have to be in charge all the time. This is why you have a plan or be spontaneous enough to be in control of the situation when you get a date with a quality woman. Women have been raised to live the fantasy of being swept off their feet annd find their “dream man.” If you don’t believe me, watch any Disney movie pre-2000’s.

It’s common mention in the manosphere about being the “captain of your ship.” Women will not initiate a conversation, and a lot of PUA techniques demontrate the underlying quality of leadership. Status comes with leadership as does (commonly) wealth and opportunity. This is the core of what makes an attractive man. A man that women want to be around and other men look to when they “just don’t know.”

But its more than just developing and displaying leadership. If you overdo this in your relationship, or in amongst your friends, you will cause them to feel completely powerless and like they don’t have any status at all in your life. This is the other side of the scales that will cause short term success but long term failure in everything. It’s one thing to be valuable to others, but they have to feel valuable to you as well. This is where a lot of PUA’s and Red Pill writers start to fall down. There’s a limit to complete and total domination being effective. You will wind up on top, but alone.

My personal advice is this. Display your value, take charge, get in a leadership role, ut don’t micro-manage every little detail. I’ve read books from PUA’s about taking control of every detail. They say to disagree with absolutely everything a woman suggests on a date right down to their suggestion of where to sit in a cafe you choose. This is silly and overbearing. Remember that word – “overbearing.”

Just like you let your friends invite you to events, if she has a good suggestion you should roll with it. Strike a balance between too little leadership and too much. This is your ticket to a successful Long Term Relationship. Maybe one day I can write a post about how to tell if you’re doing too much or too little, but so far the tricks I’ve learned are as follows:

– Pay attention when you have a conversation with her. Vital clues will arise during these discussions about her interests, her feelings (if you know how to interpret what she’s saying. Learn about powertalk.)

– Use her interests to plan dates.

– If she suggests something, decide whether to go with it. It’s not about just disregarding what she’s saying.

– Don’t always refuse an invitation. If you show up to something she plans, you will display a lot of value to her as well as give her a sense of worth in your life. Remember, she’s going to become your first mate, not just some midshipman.

I’m slowing down on the TRP and manosphere knowledge consumption. Maybe I’m growing soft, but I know one thing is true. Save for a few highly respected Redditors who have saved their marriages and LTR’s by going Red Pill, that place is becoming plagued with callousness towards women. Short term success becomes almost a guarantee with TRP, but long term failure is almost as sure a thing. Roll back from the hardcore stylings of it a bit and become a true alpha, someone secure in themselves, who not only leads, but follows a good idea, and knows when to do one or the other.
That is when you will find long term success.

Post-it: Do yourself a serious favour and get a copy of Models by Mark Manson. His audiobook sold on Audible is a bit unpolished thanks to him reading it to you, but the content of the book itself is something you should get your hands on.

#NoNothingNovember – Debriefing

Its over, and I’ve returned to Reddit under the handle u/TheLife_. I was pleased to see a collective shift in the paradigm on The Red Pill, from a site full of people complaining about feminism back into what it was meant to be. A quality content provider of self-help information for guys wanting to improve their standing in life and women.

I feel like I slipped a few times, but I’ve made some new friends, made a few stories to tell and feel like I’ve developed significantly as a person. I spent a month deliberately controlling my life and taking my vices on in a campaign of carnage. I accomplished a lot more than I thought I would, especially surrounding the cheap coffee. A heavier wallet and a lot more social enjoyment was the flavour of the month.

But here’s the thing, the 16th rolled around and I went straight back to the gas station on my night shift, where I proceeded to spend $3 on a coffee, $6 on a sandwich and $4 on a tub of yoghurt. $13.00 from a planned 0 is a big step up, and if I were to do that every night shift, I’d probably go broke.

Instead I’ve come up with a better long-term solution to staying awake at night. I have a lot of down time, so I’m stimulating my mind or my body with something all the time. I’ve started practising hand-stands against a wall, and I’m looking at my assignments for my diploma. Yeah it’s the Christmas Holidays, but I could care less. I have to constantly bombard myself with information in order to improve as a human being.

I spend a lot more time with my friends, too, which has pushed women down on my priority list a bit. This has been fantastic for my game as well. I talk to more women when the opportunity arises, and don’t get shy in social situations. I suppose it could be a kind of immersion therapy, but because women aren’t holding the highest priority in life anymore, they aren’t holding as much power over me and I don’t care so much about messing it up.

This blog is something I enjoy doing, too. I’ll start putting more effort into this as I can, mostly reposting things I write out on Reddit. I’m in more of a position now to produce information than just crap on about things. I’ll stop doing journal entries until next #NoNothingNovember and just truck along creating decent content at my own pace.

The thing about game is that you shouldn’t take anybody’s word for it. Subscribe to a lot of blogs, look at their suggestions, stories, techniques and things, apply the scientific method for yourself and see what you come up with. A lot of people have different takes on what makes good game, have different goals for chasing women and life and will ultimately yield different results.

The final word on my #NoNothingNovember attempt is that overall I did well, but in some aspects I could’ve hit it so much harder and achieved so much more. I let myself down on my follow through in some cases. Identifying this, I’m going to get to work on building that trait up in myself. That will be something to be proud of.


Once You Pop, Don’t Fucking Stop

Below is a link to a Tedx Talk about behaviour change. I encourage you to have a watch, though I’m going to roll back the application and talk more about the theory. This woman has inadvertently provided advice on game. It goes for about 20 minutes, though, so settle in.

Social Norms
Social norms are expectations that create a kind of psychological “pull” towards a desired behaviour. People have an inherent need to go with the crowd (don’t believe me, look up Asch’s conformity experiment and the Milgrim Trials) which can generally push them outside of behaviour they would normally elicit.

In this video, Jeni Cross applies this to littering campaigns, environmental consciousness and the like, but she touches on an interesting study (and spews a red pill truth on stage.)

“If you ask people what will create attitude change and base a campaign off what they say, you’ll likely achieve low impact and effectiveness…” (Paraphrased)
Jeni then goes on to say that the number one determining factor behind people changing their attitudes is essentially “other people are doing it.” quoting a 58% effectiveness statistic.

This is not isolated to large firms with advertising agencies trying to enact large scale change. It’s perfectly applicable to the micro-environment that is your social life. Create a situation where you are seen as a desirable by many women in the immediate environment before you approach your mark.

…but more than that. You get the girl into the restrooms at the club for a quickie? Don’t stop there.

Creating Social Proof to Influence the Norms
Go for another one. You’ll smell of perfume and sex, which in a nightclub environment will work to your favour. Other women have already tried to “claim” you, therefore you are more desirable.

Once you’ve achieved success, follow-up success is easier. “Second money is easier than first money.” Fuck one, take another home. It’s a nightclub.

Now if you’re at a high-end social function like a wedding, this will take a completely different tone. Dress well, talk to everyone, be friendly and give a speech if you have something to say. Elevate your status by knowing the guest of honour, by having somewhat loud and animated conversations in which everyone is having a good time. Start talking to one woman and flirt, build rapport and get her to elicit IOI’s. You might be able to get away with publicly making out with her at the reception, but remember she’s not your final target. She’s building up your social proof. She’s yelling out a testimony that you are a desirable male, and you are deserving of her.

Think about the context you are entering and think about how you can bring out social proof. There’s a lot of universal factors like being social and actually approaching women, but definitely, DEFINITELY remember the quote above. It’s easier to log hop from one woman to another at a party, than it is to approach your final mark from a cold position.

You can have the muscles, the cash and the career, you can have the height and any other number of internal factors that provide a woman with reason to want to wet her pussy over you. It all plays 2nd row to your designated hitter: social proof. Consider social proof something highly malleable and should sit there with your game as the two main controls you can manipulate on the fly in any given situation.


#NoNothingNovember – Home Stretch

NOTE: I’m working on a lot of posts at once at the moment. I’m not holding myself to any type of schedule to release, so just keep an eye out. There’ll be a few released at once here in the near future.


It’s the final stretch for me. While everyone else has finished their month of removing certain vices from their lives, I’m trucking on to get to the 15th. The effect this month has had on me is profound. While it’s been particularly difficult to maintain the sleep cycle and socialising commitments, this commitment has fundamentally altered my personality. I’m harder, more confident and more level headed. I see my friends more and have reconnected with some lost ones.

Drinking only good coffee (A-Grade)- This one has been a breeze, but I can see the ripples across other facets of my life where it has had an effect. By not purchasing the $2 coffee from the gas station at 2am, I save myself at least $2 a shift. I would usually buy a sandwich as well and a yoghurt which would set me back a further $8-10. Not to mention the decent (not good) coffee I would buy at $4 a pop before starting work. I would 3-4 shifts a week minimum, so you can see this starting to stack up.

Now I’ll get one cup of coffee from a good place in the evening before a night shift, and maybe two during a day shift when a really good joint is open. Generally I’ll only go somewhere that roasts it’s own coffee beans, though some places I’ll hit up just because their staff know how to make a good coffee. I travel further out of my way than I used to, and cut it finer getting to work sometimes, but I won’t sacrifice quality for anything.

This has reduced my overall spending by attrition. I am less inclined to buy food while I’m not in a café, and hold much more steadily to my diet. My wallet has gotten heavier and I can happily attribute my financial success to eating less junk food. These effects have gone a step further, too. I’ve been taking daily photos of myself going through with my gym commitments and I’ve noticed in the last six weeks I’ve had more noticeable results than in the last 3 months. Particularly in my shoulders. I’ve been motivated to really push myself through the rest of summer and try to shave down that bf% while I bulk up.

No Late Nights or Sleeping In Unnecessarily (C-Grade) – I’ll admit this has been tough. Working a rotating roster means I need to shuffle my life around carefully and make sure I get enough sleep in between the rotations, but also keep myself up so I don’t get to bed too early sometimes. I probably could have improved on this by writing more, but it hasn’t been terrible. Generally speaking, I’ve managed to raise my energy levels at work and find productive things to do when I wake up too early like meditate, stretch or go to the gym.

I didn’t take away the nasty habit of having some kind of noise going in the background. I still try to bombard myself with information 24 hours every day, usually going to Audible to put a book on I’ve already read while I’m sleeping. This is because there is evidence supporting the theory that memory can be reactivated while you sleep. That said, if I’m less than outright exhausted, it tends to keep me up for a little while. Something to continue working on past the end of this month.

Being More Sociable (B-Grade) – Creaming this. Seeing my friends all the time. Some of my friends are more inclined to see me more often than others, but I have enough to go around. One of them has begun to show signs of waking up, too. He’s entered the anger phase of becoming enlightened to the world of women. I see him more often than most because I’m starting to trickle in hints of this whole other world. He’s gone very MRA, but I’ve promised to have a chat with him about some things.

As an aside to that, I’ve started getting into more event’s my mates do. My main interest right now is obstacle course running. There’s a small one coming up early next year that I intend to do with the boys. Guaranteed to be fun with some of the others I have already convinced to join me. It’s only a few km’s, but it looks like a good one to break into the sport.

One other thing on this topic. Ladies. As a young guy, I’m not looking to find my unicorn. Rather, I’m looking for company when I have time around building myself. This means women will come and go from my life on a regular basis and I’ve accepted that. Since taking this in, I’ve just started socialising with women as much as men. I’ve got one plate, one false start and one who’s interest in me has been piqued. Reckon I’m playing the game somewhat carefully, but at the moment it’s more about me learning how to play the game rather than getting in up to my neck. I think I’m close to right, I just need to cut myself loose and fail a couple of times.

No Reddit (A-Grade) – I actually forgot Reddit existed between the last post and now. The only reason I’m posting about this at all is because I knew there was another goal for this month. I’m starting to wonder about what the content looks like on some of my favourite subs, but I’ll just have to wait until Monday after I write my post about the end of this. I’m the master of my curiosity as much as my emotions and what I write. It’s just a matter of delaying gratification for a couple of days.

All in all, I feel great for achieving what I have, but there’s room to go harder on these goals. I can think of instances where I could have done better in most of them. Not so much changing things, but doing more of the same. Still, there’s a few days left, let’s see what I can do to sprint to the finish line.


ToBA – Value Judgement

This is part of a series called “Thoughts on Being Alpha” in which I share aspects about the alpha’s journey. You feel like Alice right now, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Angry and antagonistic women become screaming children who didn’t get the toy. You may even have learned about the second language we have been bred not to be able to translate, but know of it’s existence nonetheless. The grass looks greener on this side, but waking up changes everything. Permanently.

What do you see when you remove the fluff from a potential mate?
For me, everything comes down to a series of value judgements about the woman. Not about the amount of effort I put in, but the potential for what I can get out of it. Companionship? Get a dog. Validation? I’ve got my friends for that. Entertainment? Go see a movie.

Grind all that away. If you want to hamster it, she doesn’t need that kind of responsibility either. She can’t handle being that important to you. If I were to be looking for a LTR, there are only two factors that really matter to me; her suitability for bearing children, and her willingness to bear children. Why I pick these is beside the point. The problem I’m writing about today is how to measure these factors. They aren’t immediately apparent, and are not the most concrete of factors to judge value from.

Dredging out the history of my previous relationships, analyzing the personalities of the women and bringing it forward to contrast against my current string of hookups, friends with benefits and other non-committal sex, I’ve developed a series of pairs of traits that either can’t co-exist or affect each other to the point where they need to be contrasted. They are each measurable, direct and unambiguous. Think about these and how much each one means to you when you’re trying to estimate the value of a woman.

Family-Oriented vs Career-Focused: These two factors do not co-exist in the universe of the typical woman. Whether it’s the result of the current job climate “forcing women to make the choice” or the emergence of the “empowered feminist,” or whatever. The result is that a woman wants a career, or she chooses to forgo a career entirely to start a family. I’ve had relationships on both sides of this conflict of interest, and while none of them have resulted in children, I definitely will be looking for more family oriented women in the future.

When it comes to actually measuring this, though, I look into conversation content and how a woman reacts to questions on each of the topics. Mixing in probing questions with some playful flirting will shed some light on whether she stands with career or family. She might blow off a question about her career, but if she lights up and goes into detail, there’s still hope. Especially if she’s in childcare. Look into the content. She might focus a lot on talking about her friends in the office or otherwise demonstrate a social focus. Red flags pop up when she lights up about some report, the mechanics of her job or an incoming promotion for example.

On the flip side of these, you could prey on career driven women for low investment sex knowing she’s not looking for kids, commitment and a provider.

Jealous vs Aloof: This one can be seen as more of a spectrum, with the goal finding a woman somewhere in the middle. Jealous mate-guarding behaviour generally comes out in “calling to say goodnight” or texting asking where you are. In my past relationships, it’s gone so far as to have every single female friend of mine stand accused of cheating with me. That particular relationship ended with me finding out she was cheating on me.

Women who are too aloof on the other hand…well, I can’t say for certain whether it means they’re cheating or not, but they’re just boring. Aloofness from my partner tells me she’s not worried about me possibly replacing her with a newer model. If she’s not slightly conscious of that, she’s not going to try to maintain herself or worse, she’s going to upgrade on me to someone who reflects her perceived status better.

My goal is to get her texting first. If she initiates conversation regularly, I see it as a sign she’s subtly trying to keep tabs on me. It also shows I’m busy enough with my life that I’m not placing all my self-worth in her hands.

Sex-Appeal vs Sex-Readiness: This is an interesting contrast to make. We know the typical attractive woman can be gamed to give up their loins to someone who knows what they’re doing, but then there’s this: you perceive a woman’s SMV to decline the quicker she gives it up. Nobody likes a town pump and the quicker she gives it up, the bigger and brighter the red flag goes up. You bring this connection in yourself, thinking “If it was that easy for me, chances are she’s done this before.”

On the other hand, attractive women like to make men work for a chance as well. We wouldn’t call them Beta Orbiters if it wasn’t commonplace enough for a label to be fashioned. You can see this all over the place, and in breaks between writing this out, I saw a guy carrying a girl’s purse. She wasn’t up to anything, either. She just made him carry it. Don’t fall into orbiter mode to get her. Women with a lot of guy friends are in the high risk zone for this.

Actually measuring this is straightforward. Judge her on her attractiveness. If she’s hot enough, try to escalate and see where that gets you. Simply put, game her and see how easily you get through her defenses. If she can hold out long enough for you to be satisfied she’s not just an easy lay, then maybe you’re on to something.

Commitment vs. Hypergamy: Women are naturally hypergamous in their behaviours. They are always looking for the fittest man to bear and raise their children. Good LTR material will be conscious of this fact and keep it in check. Women with a lot of guy friends are a red flag here as well, having a slew of potential suitors ready to replace you on a whim. On the other side, deep religious backgrounds and cultural heritage can provide a good insight into a woman with the right values for a LTR. If you can get her to cheat in a relationship or take her from her boyfriend, you already know she’s hypergamous, swinging to you as a superior specimen. It’ll only be a matter of time before she swings again.

Talk to her about where she comes from and do some research on the place. Smaller country towns tend to have more collectivist cultures, even in western society. These cultures tend to have lower instances of cheating and divorce, and from my experience, the men appear to be more naturally Red Pill in these towns and other countries. Of course, this doesn’t preclude women in our larger individualist societies, but they are a much rarer breed in my town and I would argue in most of the larger westernised cities.

You can’t directly measure this, so be wary. You can only infer it from her background, if she has a lot of male friends and other identifieable factors.


Interestingly, neither side of each factor really means the woman needs to be avoided, rather what sort of relationship she’s more suited to. A career-focussed, hypergamous woman makes a better short-term gratification investment, where you cash out after a couple of months and call it a win. On the other hand, a country girl who hkeeps mostly female company and calls just to talk a couple of times a week could be the ticket you need to perpetuate your seed into another generation.


#NoNothingNovember – Day 15

For those of you who are unaware, I started late on this commitment. I’m now at the halfway mark, staring down the barrel of an easy ride to the finish.

To rehash, I made the commitments of:

No Reddit – Mainly because I was sponging information from r/TheRedPill and not putting it into practice. The quality of the information has been steadily declining over there, and I hope that when I return, there will be more to absorb. I’ve also turned more to books and to producing information via this blog. I still stand by the commitment that any sufficiently Red Pill man should produce information in a blog of some kind. This blog has been a good outlet for me, from keeping the wheels lubricated and turning to putting on paper the way I operate so another perspective on what works has been recorded.

No unnecessary late nights/sleep ins – Aside from my hiccup on day 1, I’ve managed to put this into solid practice. Just coming into this night shift I’ve found I have more energy and can adjust more readily between day and night roster rotations for work. I keep my headspace together and claim at least 7 hours of sleep between 12 hour night shifts, and 8-10 hours between day shifts. No more micro-sleeps at work, groggy conversation or not being able to spot an opportunity to talk to a lovely lady.

This is likely to be a permanent lifestyle change that I’ve managed to implement now that I’ve focused on it enough to develop the proper method. I’ve also implemented a new alarm that tracks my movement, breathing patterns and noise I make, figuring out when to wake me up so I don’t have the issues of being jolted from REM sleep. I’ve paid for my version, but there are free ones out there.

No long periods of social isolation – This is going to be an on again off again kind of relationship. As a uni student, I spend a lot of time at a computer researching, writing out essays and catching up on lecture material. I bury my nose in text books at the library or home, while I’m on duty at work I take a lot of my down time to do the same. It tends to drain me a lot more between that and maintaining my 48 hour work weeks, leaving me with not much to spend on my friends.

That said, I’m scouting for a career move that could improve my situation and leave me with enough energy to join up with a team sport my university represents in. Fingers crossed by tryouts for next season I can be a part of one of these.

No bad coffee – Up until this month I’ve subsisted on caffeine hits throughout the day to keep me up and running. It didn’t really matter where it came from, sometimes going as cheaply as instant coffee at my mother’s place after a night shift. I’ve since invested in a French press at both my own and my mother’s place so I can have fresh ground coffee from roasted beans even at home. I don’t go for the cheap gas station espressos or McDonalds half-assed attempts. Only café espressos made by hipsters who have trust funds and nothing better to do than perfect their art.


On these goals I haven’t wavered, I haven’t slipped. I’ve been a rock on these and 15 days in I’m starting to see how these are benefitting me further than the immediately apparent effects I foresaw. Having the energy and the perceptiveness from sleeping properly – which has in turn improved from less coffee consumption – has given me the get up and go to see my friends, sure, but it has also improved my female company drastically, given me foresight to make plans I can follow through on, and work on my writing to build this blog. I take time out for me as well, but in more appropriate doses and do something more productive. The guitar has actually become a part of my life again, rather than just a possession sitting in my room, and I have started work on a tattoo design with the help of a budding artist who I like the work of.

I have had a few slips in other areas of my life, though. For example, I’ve missed two consecutive gym sessions this past week and will have to wear them as I press forward. I’ve also not been following my diet too closely, and eating take-out, candy and junk food I probably won’t get away with. I’m okay with the isolated incidents, and don’t see them as a breaking point through which I should just fall off the wagon. I’m committed to getting fit enough to call my contacts for the odd stripper gig, and I want to compete in the obstacle course races (so far I’ve heard of Tough Mudder and Spartan Race.) Whether or not I actually model is another story. I can improve my diet and shy away from this junk food further if I commit.

I let my finances take a final hit from my last breakup, not getting my act together quickly enough to shut down the shared account and letting the ex run up an overdraw. It will be rectified, and I’m not going to waste my time or energy on trying to recuperate the cost. “Don’t even give her the finger. That’s a waste of a finger.” Karma will catch up with her. Otherwise things are getting pretty solid on that front as well. I’m not looking to save up and make my millions from my current job, instead I’m looking to save up enough to spend some time in the States on a working holiday. If I get enough together in time, I’d like to remove the working part from that as well.

I know where I need to go from here, though I won’t name them as further stretch goals in my #NoNoNov push to the finish from here.

Game starts Monday